Welcome subbies! I’m Empress Raven Wood 💗🖤💗

Are you:

An obedient submissive looking for the kinky Girlfriend experience? 

A pathetic little miscreant looking for looking for dominance under a strict heel or TPE? 

A willing servant wanting to be entranced and bewitched?

A hedonist bibliophile into kinky erotica and want a tale or series crafted just for you?

Then read on to learn more about Me, My thoughts on domination and what you can expect from My blog. 


I am a sensual sadist. I love overloading a submissive’s senses with erotic touch and pain. I get off on watching you writhe and squirm in suffering and ecstasy. I often laugh or giggle when beating, pegging or doing sensation play because it’s just so much fun! 

Dominance for Me is about the rush and thrill of being engendered with the trust to ruin someone. Someone giving their whole being over to Me to manipulate to My will and mould to My service. A caring top when you please Me, a harsh disciplinarian whenever I feel like it. 

Find out more about sessions and ongoing domination arrangements here.

Wellness Domme

I believe BDSM can be used for self-reflection and self-improvement. I like to help people achieve their goals through kink. I can help you be a better person through service, humility, submission and sacrifice. 

Visit the Wellness Domination page to see what it is all about.


I mesmerize, enchant and bewitch. That is how I wield My power over My servants. None of that downcast gaze bullshit. I want you to look Me in the eyes. I want to see your adoration and your fear. I want to stare deep into your soul while you wonder what fiendish ordeal I’m going to put you through. 


I’m a practicing pagan and honour the divinity in nature. I believe in spiritual transcendence through BDSM. I enjoy embodying My inner Witch Priestess, and bring that into My kink practice by formulating rituals for My submissives to perform in service to Me. 

I’m a feminist. The primacy of men is what has caused humanity to get into the  dire position it’s in: a pandemic, climate change, wars, famine, and and and… With a return to the supremacy of Women, we can change the world. And that starts with you paying penance and reparations for thousands of years of Female oppression..and it is going to come out of your ass and your wallet! 


I write. I write sensual, filthy, kinky erotica. 

I make things. I like to collect wood while communing with nature in the forest. I make wood crafts, including kink toys. I love the feeling of beating a sub with a tool I’ve crafted Myself with My own two hands. 

I do leather work. I make sub harnesses and bags for My kink toys. I make custom collars for My submissives.

you can commission any of these items by filling out the contact form below.

My Blog

you’ll be blessed with a new post from Me about once a week. 

•  Titillating raunchy kinky erotica 

•  Wellness Domination articles

•  Paganism and witchcraft writings and rituals 

After you read My erotica you’ll be unable to resist. I’m going to draw you in and show you why you should give yourself over to Me for ownership and ongoing domination.

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    2 Replies to “Welcome subbies! I’m Empress Raven Wood 💗🖤💗”

    1. gary leflem says:

      Am i too old for kink in my mid 60’s although look and act younger? Drawn to YOU

      1. Empress says:

        Absolutely NOT too old! I’ve had subs your age and older.

        Fill out the contact form and we can start exploring your kink fantasies together! 😉


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