About your Empress

I am NOT a Mistress.

I’m an Enchantress, a Witch, a Sorceress, a Priestess.
I am a devilish Cunt, a Succubus.

You will address me as Empress.

5’1” size 2 34D Blue Eyed Brunette

Nearly a decade in the BDSM scene, with a passion for domination and punishment. I’ll take you on a journey of erotic self-discovery through pain, obedience and self-sacrifice.

Currently taking applications from well behaved, obedient and compliant subs, slaves or pets for in person sessions and distance domination (tribute required). I am fully vaccinated.

Required traits:
*Absolute respect
*Perfect manners
*Adoring service

Brats aren’t worth my time.

How can you serve?

  • In person sessions
  • Online domination – video chat, telephone or text
  • Ongoing domination arrangements
  • Wellness Domme services (life coaching with a kinky twist 😉)

See the Sessions and Tribute page for details

How will you serve your Empress?